The Story behind The Colonial Show

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The Colonial Show

was born out of the closure of Old Sydney Town, which was situated on the Central Coast, on the 27th January 2003. With the closure of Old Sydney Town the educational resource which gave students an opportunity to interact with characters and experience life in the Sydney Town in the early Colony of New South Wales was no longer accessible to students and schools.

The Colonial Show written by Vincent Wren, as a former employee of The Colonial Show, Old Sydney Town, Penal Colony, British Colonisation, Australia, HSIE, Seargeant, Primary SchoolsOld Sydney Town, and he saw this as a way where students could still have access to the nation‘s fledgling beginnings as a penal colony. The show is based on the unit of work titled British Colonisation in Australia in the Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Syllabus. It allows students to learn in an informative way and participate as the colonial time span comes alive in front of them.

The show was built around the Learning Outcomes of the unit and was work shopped through various stages with the assistance of six primary school teachers with many years experience in primary schools and having taught the unit many times.

Independently, the group of teachers ticked off the Outcomes they would achieve with their students and this provided a data base from which Vince could work. His thanks go to those teachers and to their principals who allowed him to use their classes and students as volunteers to test and develop various parts of the show. Through their ongoing assistance and support they believed in the project and saw the educational worthiness of "The Colonial Show".

Taking the Learning Outcomes and suggestions and presenting them in the style of street theatre synonymous with Old Sydney Town, songs of the era and ensuring that every piece of information delivered to the students was factual the show was born. While the show is aimed at Stage 2 within the HSIE. Syllabus it is suitable for the entire primary school.

The next stage was to collect as many authentic and reproduction items and costumes as possible and audition actors who were also educators and had a strong understanding in Theatre in Education.

School Performance, old colonial house, The Colonial Show, childrens show, The Colonial Show The original show consisted of only two acts. Through the popularity of the characters and the essence of the show an additional scene was added some six months later with the students visiting each character’s demonstration in the morning to allow the students to become better acquainted with the roles the characters played. Different techniques have been explored throughout the years in how best to present the information vital to the syllabus. The Colonial Show is a work in progress and continually changes in the ways in which the actors can immerse the students in the colonial life style where they can participate, learn and remember.

Offer your students and school the opportunity to experience Life in the Colonial Days ... Call or Book "The Colonial Show" and let your students experience the most productive educational excursion in Australia.


An incursion refers to a school excursion that is actually performed or done within the school grounds.  This is where the performers come into the school. With the current policies e.g. risk assessments, insurance and safety issues it is becoming increasingly difficult for schools to arrange excursions outside the school. This is a convenient and cost effective method for the schools.


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